Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Kern Mosquito and Vector Control District

Regular Board Meeting

District Office

4705 Allen Road

Bakersfield, California

August 14, 2013 @ 11:30 A.M.


1) Consent Calendar

a. Minutes Dated: July 10, 2013

b. Expenditures – July 2013

c. Financial Statement – 2013

d. Revolving Fund – 2013

2) Action to approve a grant (not to exceed $5,000) to help fund research to conduct a genetic analysis of the Aedes aegypt mosquitoes that have recently been discovered in Madera and Clovis, California. This genetic   analysis will be performed by the Vector Genetics Lab at UC Davis and will help determine the origin of the infestation, the mode of  introduction, ability to tolerate cold temperatures, insecticide resistance, and dispersal patterns.

3) Action to revise the job description for the District’s ¬†“Foreman’s” position by reducing the number of seasons of experience in mosquito control (that are required to qualify for the position) from three seasons to two seasons.


4) Manager’s Report:

a. West Nile Virus Activity

b. Kathie McMahon hired as District Secretary

c. Ethics training will be conducted after the September 11th Board Meeting


5) Public Comment:


6) Board Comment:


7) Adjournment