June Board Meeting Agenda

Regular Board of Trustees Meeting

4705 Allen Road, Bakersfield  93314

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 @ 11:30 A.M.

1) Action to approve the items on the Consent Calendar

2) Action to approve a contract with Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management for aerial spraying for adult mosquito and encephalitis virus control in case of a public health emergency during this summer.

3) Action to approve proposed policy regarding guidelines for any District employee who intends to bring a service animal to work.

4) Action to approve the lease and installation of a  “Capturecam” wireless, battery-operated camera and motion detector system to monitor and report suspicious activity on the Allen Road side of the District yard.

5) Proposed District Budgets for 2017/2018: Mosquito Control Program, Roof Rat Control Program and Capital Improvement Reserve.

6) Manager’s  Report:

a.  Resignation of longtime District Trustee Bob Mayborn.

b.   Rat Control Foreman, Mona Lee, is retiring July 7, 2017.

c.   West Nile virus update.

7) Public Comment.

8) Board Comment.

9) Adjournment.