Kern Mosquito

The Kern Mosquito & Vector Control District is an independent district formed pursuant to the California Health and Safety Code, Section 2000 et seq. The District was formed in 1916, but began control operations in August of 1917 and was originally named the Dr. Morris Mosquito Abatement District. Dr. Morris was a well-known local physician and County Health Officer who was responsible for initiating the formation of the District. The original District encompassed 48 square miles and its objective was to control mosquitoes and malaria along the Kern River and its sloughs.

In 1947, the District’s name was changed by its Board of Trustees to the Kern Mosquito Abatement District in order to give the name a “more geographical connotation.” The Old River, Arvin and Lamont areas were annexed into the District in 1945. The Shafter area was annexed in 1947 and Wasco in 1951. The Semi-Tropic and Buttonwillow areas were annexed in 1956 which increased the District’s size to 1,657 square miles which makes it the sixth largest in the State.

The District’s name was changed again in 1991 to the Kern Mosquito and Vector Control District to reflect the fact the District undertook the control of Roof Rats as part of its operations.

It is important to note the District’s boundaries do not include the entire County of Kern. The District covers the area around Wasco, Buttonwillow, Shafter, Bakersfield, Lamont and Arvin. The Delano Mosquito Abatement District covers the Delano/McFarland area and the Westside Mosquito and Vector Control District covers the Taft/Maricopa area. Some locations in Kern County are not covered by a mosquito control agency.